Monday, August 28, 2006

25 August 06 - 27 August 06

Went to watched Lucky Number Slevin on Friday night. It's a good movie. It has strong casts: Bruce Willis, Josh Harnett, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, and Lucy Liu. Willis played a cold-blooded-assassin role (ala The Jackal). Besides admiring Harnett's height, beautiful face and body, Willis' coolness, Liu's adorable character, and the charisma of both Freeman and Kingsley, the plot was great.

On Saturday evening, watched Adam's Apple. It's Dannish. About a group of people who had their lives changed in a church. There is a priest, the priest's son, a terrorist, an ex-national tennis player, a criminal, and a woman who impregnated with a defect feotus (fouetus?? fortues?? *watever*). The story centralized on the criminal's attempt in relating to the priest and thus the rest of the characters. The whole movie thrills you to wonder what's the message behind it, whether is there God or the devil that's intruding these people's lives. Ohh yea, the movie focus on the Book of Job. A great watch. It's a theological view on evil.

I left the cineplex with a smilling heart. Dont know why la.. sometimes this kind of show shines to us more than sessions upon sessions of bible studies.

After that met up with Joyce at Borders. Window shop with her for a while. Then came by Freakonomics. So i introduced that book to her. She picked it up and glanced through the review at the back of the book. Then she commented something about the 'ku ku klux...'. I was puzzled for a moment, then only came to me that she was refering to the ku klux clan. Immediately i LOL. Who on earth can be that funny?! "Ku Ku Klux"... hahahaha... ugly stuff such as the ku klux clan can be turned into comic only at her hands. i still laugh whenever think about it.

I enjoyed Sunday though didn't sleep well. Facilitated the my group. Wish i could do more for them.

Besides, that this weekend got me thinking through the interpretation of John 1.1. The more i think of it (and find out about it), the more i am convinced the best translation for 'logos' is Wisdom of YHWH. There is this Jason Loh, who follow Gordon Clark, interprete 'logos' as Logic (an official Clarkian stamp). But i differ with him. Why is that? Add Ben Witherington on the identity of Jesus as Wisdom of God with D.A Carson on the purpose of the gospel of John and N.T Wright on the interpretation of the synoptics; u will get the answer.

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