Friday, July 14, 2006

Torn Between 2 Worlds

Went back home last week. Going to tell stories in this blog.

Reached home at 7am, Thursday. When i slide opened the door, i saw my mom kneeling in-front of her altar, chanting sutras with her 'almost-bald' head. Saw that and realized she just came back from a short-term 'nun-hood' retreat.

Got my hair-cut at 11am before getting a birthday cake for pap & mum. Cut the cake after lunch and talked with them for hours on religion. It's always saddening to talk religion with parents. When they sent me off on Saturday morning, mum told me gently and diplomatically that at the end of the day, all religions require faith. I just kept nodding without responding because i understood her sentiment after my many attempts to chop off buddhism from any historical, logical, existential, and metaphysical ground the day before. Was sad and feel 'outcasted'. Religion breaks family bond. In her belief, she even says that as karmic retribution, my children will always argue religion with me in future. This shows how bad she felt during our conversation on religion. Religion sucks big time.

My two days stay in Penang priviledged some quality time-spent with Steven Sim and Ah Yoon. Didn't know what's wrong with Steven, always keep arguing most of the time at mamak. Had provoked conversation with him on the resurrection of Jesus. Another gladness that i have was that Ah Yoon is coming to his sense after a while of hammering done by Steven. In the midst of our (me and Steven) provoked conversation, Ah Yoon stepped into it and made a logical rebuttal, which was a rare scene.

Then went to KL to meet up with UT friends. Glad to catch up with them. Had some interesting conversation with Chris and asked him to debate on subjects that we differ. Apparently, there isnt much subject to debate about between us. Our 'doctrines' are too similar. Attended his Brethren church. The service is 2 & 1/2 hours long. Scary. But they have really good worship team. Good musicians.

Besides that, had some quality time with Pui Yee. We hang out and watched 2 movies in the weekend. Well, i think she didn't enjoy both shows as much as i did. Superman Returns and Scary Movie 4. One was iconic, the other was lame. Suits me; iconic and lame.

Came back to Singapore on Monday. Perhaps the time spent in the weekend was too exuberate, and as a result, the food was tasteless here. Not that they are not delicious but due to other reasons. Travelling two countries feels like sojourning into 2 different worlds. Always have to adjust and readjust myself to each world. Missing all in M'sia.


Anonymous said...

2 unfairness:

1. How come you and I differ so much that we argue alot while Chris and you "similar doctrine"? You guys must be heretics

2. I invite you to watch superman, but looks like PUI YEE got the priority!!

Oh, but fairness is not the default.


enn@j said...

1.Why cant't it be you, oh the heretic one?

2.It's the company that counts, sim!

Hahhaha...hey there woo, will call you soon to arrange when I'm down in your re-adjustment land next month. Really wonder what keeps you there? ;p

Sze Zeng said...

Responses to 2 unfairness:

Re 1> It's time for u to reflect heretic.

Re 2> I turned down the invitation cos that would spare another 2 more hours for our conversation.