Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back to Penang!

I'm back to Penang! Came back for parents visit. The last time i typed from this keyboard was during Chinese New Year, earlier this year.

But this is not a post about my current trip, it's more of what's been in my mind recently:

1) Just got to know that one of my friend was upset by the youth congregation in ORPC. The causes were many misunderstanding on Christians, Christianity, Church, and Christian Scriptures on part of the youth and my friend.

2) A newly convert (from Buddhism to Christianity) was required to have her womb taken out due to a 15cm cyst found in her. She is only in her early 20s. Sad thing.

3) George Verwer, the founder of Operation Mobilisation, remarked that he doesnt understand why so much of attention and energy being given to the World Cup in this part of the world. There aint any contries nearby that involved in the game and citizen of this part spent their lives around the game which virtually unrelated with them in anyway (unless they bet).

4) Van Huysteen's Evolutionary Epistemology claimed to be the other alternative in epistemology besides Coherentism and Foundationalism (strong & mild).

5) Wondering who is Lina Joy and why is the spotlight on her in Malaysia's court.

6) Got to know that Alister McGrath's conversion was purely intellectual. Reflected on me that mine wasn't. The sustainance of my faith is. Why i'm still in my faith is purely intellectual factor.

7) Been working on marketing strategies for the rest of this year. Been cracking my brain on this. How to do a post-consumerism, post-secular, post-commercial marketing? Is there such a thing? Radical Orthodoxy might help, i hoped.

8) Presuppositionalism isn't really an apologetic method. At least, it is not as effective and relevant and apolgoetic as Evidentialism.

9) Christ Seminar in University Malaya was dissolved. Sad thing.

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