Thursday, June 15, 2006

Conversation Week

On the 4th June, i went to the World Book fair at Suntec City to have conversation with a new found friend. He is from Ahmaddiyya movement in Singapore. Reason why i want to talk to him was that he made a remark to me and Zhen Hao that the accounts of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the canonical gospels weren't accurate. The next day i went back to his booth and told him why the resurrection accounts in the gospels make sense to me. After 2 hours there, he said, "thank you for sharing with me. Even if the resurrection can be validated historically but Our'an is the divinely inspired word of God, thus it is true in all its content."

When i heard that, i just realized i was talking to a presuppositionalist. Yes, it's my mistake for failing to identify his approach to religious truth is by faith alone, the same approach by some of my pietist presuppositionalist brothers and sisters. Pietism is like 'shut-down' / 'turn-off' button.

Then on the following Thursday, an ex-Christian (ec) came into my showroom, accompanying his friend who is looking for some instrumental albums. That ec started to talk about the nature of religion and humans' respons to it. Then he told me about his 20+ years of being a Christian wasn't satisfying. To him Christianity isnt the truth that could satisfy his hunger for transcendence. Thus now he is a practising Theravada Buddhist.

Add to that, after knowing that i am 24, he told me that it is the best for someone to choose religion during mid 30s and 40s (he is in his 60s). Upon hearing that, i couldnt continue to bite my lower lip anymore, i blurted "what about Gautama who left his home at the age of 29 to 'choose' religion?". Then he started to tell me that Gautama is different because there are millions of past lives' experience that enabled him to do so. This ec is talking as if he knew that i dont have millions of past lives experience to enable me to choose my religion.

Then he start talking about Abidharmma and Tipitaka. Again, i can't continue bitting my lip, blurted "how reliable is Tipitaka?" He didnt know. Then i blurted again "will you based your life on fairy tales that cannot be verified?".

What a week.