Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Outreach = Reach Out

Yesterday ORPC and a few other Presby churches booked Lido Classic (a cineplex) for the 8:30pm screening of Da Vinci Code. Believers are encouraged to bring their non-believing friends to attend the show. Though i wasn't there till the end (left at 9pm), overall that event highlights to me some perception of evangelism. The conventional way is the church hold an evangelistic event with 30 mins preaching on the pulpit. Non-believers are to be brought into the church building for such evangelism. As for this Da Vinci Outreach, it's the church that go out to the secularized domain (cineplex) to conduct evangelism. There wasn't any 30 minutes long sermon. Instead only a short few minutes introduction before the movie and another short talk at the end of the movie. Add to that, there is an invitation to a follow up seminar for those who are interested to find out more about what the movie is about.

*TING* (light bulbs turned on)

If that works for Da Vinci Code, why not X-men too? Since X-men is about macro-evolution which relates to the origin of humans, then evangelism can also be done on that. Same thing, a short intro before the movie, and a short talk after the movie, and a follow-up seminar with more details on Intelligent Design v.s Darwinism debate. Another eg. is Omen. Can use that horror movie to talk about spiritual & demonology stuffs. Over the Hedge can be use to talk about family love, conscience, self-sacrifices and forgiveness. All can be use as an evangelistic tool.

I think this is a cool idea. Instead of outreach why not reach out?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice wordplay...

I went last week with ERic...gosh...many ppl came out not knowing wut they just watched other than the fact that jesus was married. Even eric was motivated to wikipedia some juicy infos from the movie.

For me, the French gal is very cute!


tehtarik said...


Been toying with the idea of using arts esp movies (even Hollywood n Bollywood arts) for Christian d-iscussions.

Must gang up with Leon in this. Maybe something new for Agora Sing-along-pore?

enn@j said...

movies have always been a great platform...

performing arts is cool as well

at last, I've found the few people who share the same 'frequency'

alwaysDaBabe said...

yeah lets watch xmen 3 tog!! reach out..but say wat abt xmen 3?...difficult to find the connection...but i dont mind!

Anonymous said...

Arts, whether, poetry, dance, music, drama, painting convey potent meanings, but often, espcially in the postmodern sense leave the audience in limbo. It's as if, one was hit by a big impact and after regaining composure was unsure WHAT THE HECK had happened. We must address this, as artist.

jackie chan