Monday, April 24, 2006

What happened at Kino?

For the past 2 weeks, I've been visiting Kino to waste time and for those 2 times when i was there, Michael Baigent's "The Jesus Papers" has been on the NEW ARRIVAL shelves. Baigent is one of the author of 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail', the so-called 'research material' behind Da Vinci Code.

Since i was wasting time, so as to consumminate my purpose there, i took the Jesus Papers and flipped through it. It's interesting for all the truth stated in the book (for eg. the canonization wasn't done until the 4th century bla bla bla). But all those are just half-truth. Reading it mades Baigent looks like a desperado who wanted to push his head up through the controversial circle to gain a portion of the pie.

Besides him, there is another 'liberal' works on the historical Jesus. This one is serious scholarship. It's by James D. Tabor, titled "The Jesus Dynasty". If u wanna know how serious it is, checked out Ben Witherington's 4-parts review of it.

Two weeks ago, National Geography brought forth the Gospel of Judas. Now, some people are talking about the Gospel of Brutus. *sigh*

So many liberal views spawning. So many hypothesis coming up. What's wrong with the world? Seems that these people enjoy ridiculing Orthodox Christianity. Why? Simply because this is the religion that teaches "love your neighbours as you love yourself". These guys are too ball-less to touch the other that shouts "JIHAD!".


tehtarik said...

Erm, you are looking at a product who read Baigent's 'Deceptions of Dead Sea Scrolls' as a seeker.

I guess this is the classic case of what Man meant for evil, God meant for good. =D

Anyway, what's next? Gospel of Caesar Salad?

jacksons said...

Relax, bro, sabar.

Sze Zeng said...

Sedang sabar la.....

On this hand, ppl trying their best to ridicule our Lord. On the other hand, churches continue their sunday services and pastoral care without responding to the humiliation brought to the very gospel they hold true.

Worst is that, they seem to enjoy being in the 'anti-reality bubble' and threaten those who are trying to pop the bubble and present the faith relevantly to the reality.

Those who live in these bubbles like to call down fire to consume humilitators without being sure that there is such thing as 'fire from heaven'.

Anonymous said...

Sabar, sabar, sabar...

When they whack you on your right cheek, show them the other.

Only by this, we can boast the greatness of Christianity. No religion can boast of such virtue.

Sabar sabar sabar.

shadow said...

That's Christianity isn't it? ;-) The faith of a bunch of losers. It looks like a very bad deal from the world's perspective because Christianity is all about weakness, but what the world wants is strength and power.

But it was in weakness that God came to earth clothed in frail humanity. It was in terrible weakness that Jesus was crucified on the cross (2 Cor 13:4). In embracing Christianity, we openly admit our own weakness and our inability to save ourselves. And as we live out the rest of our earthly life under God, we are weak; we look like losers. We can expect people to snigger and laugh at us.

But God's power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor 12:9). So we boast in our weaknesses and depend on God's power.

And a great advantage of being attacked of course is that we have the opportunity to defend the faith and so tell the gospel to people who would otherwise not be open to hearing it. :-)

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Shadow,

a good comment. Thanks!