Saturday, February 18, 2006


Hey people, thanks for commenting and giving your opinions on previous post. After praying and thinking through all that you guys have shared in this blog or through emails or private conversations, i've decided to move to KL. But the 'when' factor has yet to be confirmed because of some recent changes in ORTV (the organisation which i am serving). I might be needed to stay longer. And i do think this is God's timing. He seems to not wanting me to leave Singapore so soon, perhaps need to wait for a few more months.

Thank you all again for all the concerns, advises, prayers and presence: Leon, Soo-Inn, Steven, Naomi, Ps. Wong, Pr. Joseph, Pr. Amos, Pui Yee, Chris, Lydia, Yennie, Mun Yee, Hedonese, Joanne, Sarah Wong, Vicky Tsung, and the YAF gang (last but not least)!


jacksons said...

It my pleasure, to have been able to see God calling you and preparing you pal. Do let me know if I can help you in any way (even temp accomodation)

enn@j said...

=) Am excited for you for yet another great journey that awaits you in KL!

God be with you Zeng!