Thursday, February 02, 2006

Crossroad- Which is the next phase?

This is my current condition:

I have 3 choices:

1) Settle down in Singapore for the rest of my life.
2) Go to KL and begin a different life.
3) Go back to Penang to begin a life that most of my friends are in.


Of cos all three are subjected to God's will. Choice no.1 is slim, choice no.2 is very likely but super anxious about it because to start a different life is super uncertain, and choice no.3 is super existentially satisfying though might negating some precious part in my Christian pilgrimage.


jedibaba said...

Maybe start with the person and not geography. Who is Sze Zeng?
What is his vocation?
Then ask where will be the better place for me to be a good steward of who I am, all things been equal?

Anonymous said...

hahah can i vote no. 1!! :)

Sze Zeng said...

Thanks Jedibaba! Ur wisdom is always a blessing.

what do u mean by '...all things been equal?'

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Mel, of cos u can vote! Louis also made that vote.


jedibaba said...

Sometimes another principle comes into play which may supersede a default principle, like having to care for a ailing parent.

kakikopi said...

looks like it's pretty clear you dont feel like settling in Sg for long (sorry mel and louis). so it's between kl and penang. toss a coin :p

The Hedonese said...

Maybe Sze Zeng should come to the next Agora forum on Discerning God's will by Jedibaba? hehehe

discordant_dude said...

Q: Who is Sze Zeng?
A: A Malaysian


tehtarik said...

Pray, Sze Zeng, pray!


God bless you wherever He may put you to be in.

Anonymous said...

Get a life and go to kl


enn@j said...

Go get a wife and settle down wherever your wife is from lah *blek*

on a serious-er tone, pray and then trust and obey. Great things await you :)

jacksons said...

JOSHUA! Don’t backslide ok, we all know what your supposed to do! My gosh, if you don’t become an apologist ah, then ah, ah... (can't think of a good threatening curse right now, later ok.)

Seriously my brother, factor your decision on some of these parameters (and others you may have thought of) :

1. your personality, gifts, calling

2. the opportunity to develop them and use them for the KOG

3. the sacrifices incidental to all this

Remember, opportunity can be found in the different stages of life, but abilities and gifts given to you, are bestowed from God, and thus, when matching opportunities occur for you to use them for God’s glory and to serve His people, I would take that as a sovereign act of God.

Also, on the side, as one who squandered his youth and remains uneducated till today, don’t make my mistake – get the best education you can get, or, when you reach my stage in life, you may find yourself in regretting it like me.

discordant_dude said...

Seriously Leon, looking at all the "educated" products of universities today, and comparing them with your "uneducated-ness"... I think I'll rather be uneducated then.

Sze Zeng said...

Hey people, thank u very much for all the opinions! will reply all in a blog entry later. Am currently tide down by work.

jacksons said...

dude (the discordant one), dont throw out the baby with the bath water. Bad byproducts of a bad education system is no indication of the need for education. Even if I was born with a very analytical mind, I see guys like John and Dave (and even my educated wife), who pick up stuff and organize it so fast and well, and know that they have something I don't, something you get through the discipline of higher education. It's important dude.