Monday, January 09, 2006


I hate 'wait'. I have a personal formula for it:


U can forget about it if u ask me to wait. Forget about it. I don't have patience for craps! I don't believe in those romantic dramas that focus on 'waiting period'. Winter sonata had it at 10 years. 'Sheng Tiau Xia Nu' (The Condor Heroes) had it at 16 years. NONSENSE! CRAP! Impatient is my middle name.

But then this genius Os Gusiness dedicated one chapter that talks on 'wait' and 'patience' in his book, God in the dark. The book is about Christian's doubts. Go find out. Orchard Road Presbyterian Church's library has 2 copies; when i checked it out yesterday.

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Mejlina Tjoa said...

Agree with you that waiting for things/people that are unreliable is a waste of time. :)

Waiting is meaningful and purposeful when it is rooted in the right foundation of hope. Christian waiting and patience have a foundation and a direction.

It's a hope that doesn't disappoint, a hope that is unchanging, so we wait for it patiently. (Rom.8:24-25)