Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year Resolution

Before jumping into nonsense about next year resolutions, let me blog about my life for the past week.

Last week, was visited by Yennie (the General Secretary of Christ Seminar) and Steven Sim (a.k.a Jacksaid), a missionary (or missionary pastor to be) who just got back from a mission conference in Africa. Yennie went back before Steven arrived. I know Yennie through Steven. So, it is kinda of a warm pre-Christmas that i was bless with.

Helped out with the CCIS performance at Orchard Road on the 23rd Dec. Nao treated the whole team with her home made 'some-kinda-bread'. Taste excellent! Although it rained during the performance, Wendy (the main actress) and the rest of the performers didn't stop from giving their best to the umbrellas-holding crowd. It's very encouraging.

Went to Pris' place for a Christmas gathering on Monday. Went for a 2 days 1 night retreat oorganised by the Young Adults Ministry on Friday. Tired.. dry coughing.

There were alot of unexpected events took place which were not foresaw in the begining of the year. Alot ALOt ALOt of unexpectancies. To name a few; ate 2 birthday cakes this year, attended a church retreat, move to a nice place at Tiong Bahru, read some good books, been into and out of a relationship, went for a short vacation at Genting with family, argued with some frens, debated some strangers i met, made some new frens, etc etc.

New Year resolution:
Due to so much unexpectancies in the coming year, i don't dare to have too many resolution, but one of the few that i really looking forward to is to live more joyously in every area in life. HAHA... yes, that's my every years' resolution. Yes, it's the same for every year.

That's what i plan begining in a few hours time. God's mercies and grace, i prayed.

Happy New Year everyone!


jacksons said...

Happy new year pal

Yen Nie said...

Happy new year, Zeng.

Btw, there is a HUGE difference between a clerk and a general secretary.

Yen Nie is actually the former. Ha ha.