Friday, October 28, 2005

A Week

I thank God n praise him for exposing me to Carson and Piper. Blessed spiritually after reading Carson's exposition on 1 Peter 1 and hearing Piper's passionate sermons.

In spite of that, had a tough week. Had a problematic customer.
Besides that, it was my turn to facilitate a biblical discussion on Thursday's Young Adult fellowship. I am not satisfy with the whole session. Main part was because of my own facilitation. Perhaps it was my own standard that i was looking for. And it is kinda depressing. Whenever it stikes me, i have to re-focus my attention to God in knowing that, ultimately, he oversaw the whole session and had it done as he willed it. I think it was a good experience for me to realize my own shortcomings and work on that.

On the other hand, it is comforting psychologically and spiritually that i find rest and pleasure in my attempt to know more about God. Like what i told JAck before that i can't and don't love God (Carson expounds that "we are corrupt by nature and choice..")...but i want to. May be that serves as a beginning plate for me to step on.

Met up with Mejlina (pronounce "Merleena") last sunday. She visited ORPC. She talked most of the time when we were together and it was really a good exposure to a true blood female Vantillian (the other true blood Vantillian that i met is Samuel Ling, a male).

I ordered 2 N.T Wright's Jesus & the Victory of God from a retailer. That will serves as my 2005 Christmas present for myself! HAHAHAHA

Recently i have my budget sorted out. I will try not to spend more than SGD 50 on books each month. It seems that i will only be getting Pearcey, Erikson, Schreiner, Carson, O'Brien and Seifrid, Vanhoozer, and Craig next year. If God is willing, i dont mind waiting.

Friday, October 21, 2005

What i like about Betrand Russell

In his essay "Can Religion Cure Our Troubles?", Russell wrote:

"I can respect the men who argue that religion is true and therefore ought to be believed, but i can only feel profound moral reprobation for those who say that religion ought to be believed because it is useful, and that to ask whether it is true is a waste of time."

At National University of Singapore, as some of us (Christians) gathered after a talk by someone on some topic, there came an student who asked us for our reason why do we think that our belief is true. At first, everyone hesistated to give an answer, then there was this young lady voice out that the reason why she thinks that Christianity is true is because she believes the bible is the word of God, and the word of God helped her whenever she was struggling with decision making. The bible provided her solutions, therefore she believes that Christianity is true.

That's pragmatism. Christianity is no longer true because it is true in itself, but because it's workable. What kind of rubbish is this?

Christianity is true, therefore it works... not it works, therefore it's true!

Alot of time we do not know what are we talking about. Does that lady's answer demonstrates the truthfulness of Christianity? Far no. How would the inquirer have thought? "Well, after all, Christianity is just the same as other religions that are true because they works."

Christians are called to become lights and salts in this world not ONLY in our life style, in our thoughts as well! Life style alone can't demonstrate the truthfulness of a claim without a firm reason for doing it. Mere radical life style that attracts non-believers doesn't show that the attracted ones are interested with Christian truths, it only means they prefer our life style. There is no extrinsic differences between a morally good atheist and a morally good Christian. Sometimes the former can be morally superior than the latter. If this is the case, then the atheists are the lights and salts, not Christians.

Those who tried to look into this matter of truthfulness very often be labelled as non-practicals. Nothing can be worst than this. Whenever these 'non-practicals' tried to raise awareness of the issue, immediately they will be viewed as showing off and proud, and will be shut off with "WOW, so 'chim' (in-depth), we can't understand, so, we should stop talking about it, and by the way, it is not practical, therefore doesn't really matter." Betrand Russell, the famous agnostic, will just shake his head and say,"i can only feel profound moral reprobation...".