Saturday, September 03, 2005


Two weeks ago:
Was at Genting Highlands spending time with family and friends in KL. Talked alot with parents and their friends. Guess what were the topics?
While sitting at the table, surrounded by them with their questions and objections thrown to me as i tried to handled each one as consistent as i could. Felt as though the character of Jet Li in the movie 'Hero' when he was being executed. Anyway, through grace, i survived.

A few days ago:
Attended a seminar by a theologian cum historian, Samuel Ling, on the title "Introduction to Reformed Apologetics". Didnt, i expect much from the talk. He criticized classical apologetics and evidentialism, which i camped at, just as he breathes. So, in return, during the Q&A session, I did my part. And after the session, i approached him to share what i think about his printout on Classical Apologetics. It took a while for us to come to agreement to disagree. He is surely articulate and definitely not a cheap presuppositionalist. It appears that he is a student of both Conerlius VanTil and John Frame. The part that i appreciate most was when he shared on Generation x and Y.

Besides that, i learnt from a mentor that my english standard is very poor, which i do realized and admit without a doubt. I dont know what is adjective, adverd, pronoun and etc. He passed me some papers for me to go through, in hoping that i would make some improvement, which i hope too.

Today afternoon:
Finally, i finished writting my presentation on the upcoming Christ Seminar in KL. It was not what i had in mind when i was first being asked by Steven Sim (the chair of N.T Wright of CDPC, Founder of Christ Seminar, and a senior fellow of AGORA). The end product is rather a different one compared to my earlier envisions. Anyway, hope this essay would serve in no other way than Soli Deo Gloria.

Every night:
Had bad sleep for almost the whole week.

New and exciting stuffs:
Finally, finished Ben Witherington III's book. Was exposed to a lot of new views on the 3rd Quest. Was planning to get his other books next month or so. Almost see myself as his fan until i found out that he is a not a Calvinist.

Am reading Peter Jensen's view on Revelation. Hope that i could finish it by this month so that i could start with New Perspective on Paul by Guy Prentiss Waters.

Am able to understand Ravi Zacharias' Deliver Us from Evil now. When i bought it a year ago, was really blur and confused of his rhetoric in the book.

Listened and read some of N.T Wright's. Really good exposition but controversial.

New and exciting ideas:
Found a new hair-do.

Watched a very artistic show the other day. Was impressed by the director's way of making the movie. Good exemplification of human's inner void and dignity but controversial.

Favourite musics:
JEM- Just a Ride
Bodyrockers- I like the way you move
Rihanna- ....Replay


Anonymous said...

Hey, spare me some dignity k!


The Hedonese said...

aii... no promotion on the christ seminar wan.. my ofis is at menara TM, may drop by to look-see...

Met Sam Ling at KL too... there will be a van tilian camp in Msia next month or is it this month? memory is failing me