Sunday, September 25, 2005

Finally Weekend Is Over!

Shall start with tuesday last week.
At 6pm, rushed to the evening class. Learnt basic english such as First Person/Second Person/Third Person Singular/Plural. Then had some good time with Naomi over dinner.

Last week's Wednesday was in my anticipation since 3 weeks ago because there was a discussion at Gone Fishing Cafe at 8pm that i really look forward to. It was my first time there and being surrounded by those people was not really as ideal as i thought. The discussion ended at 10:15pm, reached home at 11:30pm, and i almost slept in the shower.

Thursday was the Young Adult Fellowship and, as usual, bought my dinner from KFC (the same meal that i had for the past 4 weeks)and rushed to the Hide Out. Discussion ended at around 10:10pm.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were busy evenings. Divine strength and joy as well as prayers from nao and dawn hav kept this culprit saved through the busy weekend. Praise God for sending 2 helpers: William and Janice to my rescue on Saturday evening.

My worst disappointment for the past week are:
1) I still couldnt locate time for john 7.
2) Still haven't reply Jonathan's queries.


So many things to do, yet so lil time and energy.

Neway, new week ahead.

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