Monday, September 26, 2005

Entering the 3rd Quest

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It is now official for me to participate in the 3rd quest of the historical Jesus. Conversations with friends and recent read-ups on the quest has prompted me to apply historical methods in supplementing my (amateur and) shallow understanding of the historical personhood of Jesus the Nazarene.

It all started in June this year when i bought 'Jesus Under Fire' and 'The Jesus Quest' from a local bookshop, not because of any particular interest in the quest but rather because of the discounted 40% off the price. Yes, i am cheap, and through this cheap-skateness, i discovered another approach in my readings which i was reluctant to give in until recently.

Though, at present, the quest is not as hot as in the those years between 1975-1995, it is still worth while to see things in a different (for eg. historical) way, especially things of the antiquity. The major concentration will be on its historical settings rather than the post-easter theological framework of the sypnotics and interpretative gospel of John. I do not undermine the danger of this hermeneutic and i am aware of my present goal is not to separate history and theology of the ancient texts but rather to supplement the latter with the former. In supplementing, focus is still on the historical background; firm in the post-resurrection developement.

After spending 2 days of serious evaluations on Tom Wright's ideas (his essays:'Jesus, Israel, and the cross; 'Jesus'; 'Jesus and the Quest') , it just dawn that, after all, it worths a while of my stay. I do not know how long will i be in the quest but i hope to learn as much valuables during my time in.

Jacksaid compiled some interesting links on the quest here:


jacksons said...

Wow! I hope I can make it to your talk - 1pm is really hard for folks who work on Saturdays like me.

Sze Zeng said...

Hey Leon,

I hope too.
But anyway, will meet you at your church on sunday.

Anonymous said...

all the best for your talk...i m still struggling for my buddhism presentation. Gulp..and now u tell me u are going!

*pening* with u and leon...i wish all these are illusions.


Sze Zeng said...

Jack, i am still trying to come out with the final draft on the essay. Find that i was too reserved in my previous one. Will pump in more evidents to make it hardcore apologetic.

no worries, i already told u what my questions as long as u address them clearly, there wouldnt be much difficulties...but its a pity there is no Q&A in ur presentation.

May enlightenment be granted to you in ur preparation so to bring wisdom into samsara.

shadow said...

Pray that you will preach the gospel faithfully and clearly with love and wisdom.

Sze Zeng said...

Shadow, thanks God for your prayers.
Do you mind a brief self-intro?

tehtarik said...

Hey, the clerk is here for your clerical needs.

Prayers for no costs.

May you have a safe journey to us.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi teh tarik;

i need prayers...definitely... i am giving the essay a final touch...there will be some major changes..


Jack The LOT{B}R said...

how are you quester?

jacksons said...

joshua? are you there?