Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday-13 August 2005

Had an average sleep last night. Naturally woke up at 8 am before taking bath and teeth brushing. Checked up Geisler's view on Jacques Derrida from BECA before looking into William Lane Craig's view on apologetics in the Counterpoint series. Was thinking to have coffee with a fren, but she has to attend some birthday dinner. Went for lunch at Tan Boon Liat building and met Ben from SKS. We talked about the some liberals movement and was joined by Simon, another staff from SKS.

Simon made a negative remark on the pursue of Xtian intellectualism which inevitably was criticised by me. Obligated not to disown a brother over intellectual matters, i submited to his frustrated fideism. Without any grudge, we walked to his workplace and headwards to our business.

Curiously, i picked up Alister Mcgrath's Scientific Theology, desired to acquire some insight onto the subject, while exploring a rather different view on theology.

Then to apologetic session to pick up William Lane Craig's Reasonable Faith to satisfy my curiousity on the conclusion chapter titled "The Ultimate Apologetic".

It was surprising that the ultimate apologetic, according to Craig, isnt any academical matter but this:

"...The ultimate apologetics: Your life!"

Striked me deep down all the way to the toe nail. I thought that Craig would have thought of some apologetic methods that is ultimate in academic arena, but i was wrong. It wasnt any academia but life itself is the ultimate method to apologise. *sigh* Supreme Systematic Apologetics still?

I think, if God is willing, i would have another strange conversation later.


enn@j said...

Hey lamer!

Was nice having you around even tho' the encounter was a short one BUT when you started all your lame 'riddles', i really felt like punching you! can anyone be soooo darn lame, I thought I was bad enough ;p

anyhow, hope to see you in kl more. Take care!

The Hedonese said...

Soo Inn wrote perceptively on why Christians simply dislike intellectuals who dun have 'life'

tehtarik said...

Did you notice that if you switch places between 3 and 1 of August, voila! you get a revamped blog on 31 August 2005- a significant date to a Malaysian indeed!

May you have a contemplative Merdeka celebration in where you are, amid a quiet one. :)

(Mat 22:37) Jesus said to him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.