Thursday, August 04, 2005

New Room

Dear all:

I'd moved to Tiong Bharu, not staying at Pasir Ris anymore.

Sorry, no room-warming me from being chop by the owner.

SKS and Golden Village Cineplexes are just 10 minutes walk from my place... caught the 9:45pm show-"Fantastic 4"-last night... so convenient!

Well, the show's not bad, but it condemns the belief in God even in the first few minutes of the show until the end of it- therefore it is not bad, just worst.


Can't Hollywood spare the young people from lies?
Or is it that there wouldn't be anymore thrill and excitement in life without lies?
So much lies getting lose in the streets.
Worst, it extents to every part of the society; lies in work; lies in relationship; everything seems to be stained by lies.

How true can a business be? Corporate transparency?- forget it
How long does a lover's confession stands?- "I love you"- is there anymore meaning left than mere pleasure?

I talked to one of the officer in ITE* centre yesterday. When i asked him what is the worst influence (stimulation) that prevents the young from having passion in technical academics; He said,"first, is the cinema; second, is the internet. Both are powerful distractions to the young."

How can LIES help us? No way in anyway.

We need truth, the society needs truth, corporations need truth, schools need truth, Boy-Girl Relationship needs truth... Without truth, no meaning, no objective, no ultimate purpose can be found on anything at anywhere in anytime. WIthout truth, there is no more substance in life. May may object by saying that lies give us thrill and excitement in life. But hello??!!..WAKE UP!..Even with thrill and excitement, life would not be life anymore without its substance. What thrill and excitement would that be except superficiality? And by the way, who says Life without lies is thrilless and non-excitement? What a deprived objection.

Dearest Truth, Way and Life:
"Be Thou my vision;
Be Thou our vision."

*ITE- Institute of Technical Education is a branch of technical schools which meant to develope the young who have more potential in contribution of technical support to the society. Those who are not keen in papers-academics can be further harvested in this centre as well.

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Zhenhao said...

Hi , this comment got nothing to do with your post .. was thinking about what you said this afternoon about church as a place which trains pastor. Now i remembered what Ravi said. Martin Luther's aim was not to make the priest useless. But rather , he wanted to bring the bible to the common people so that they can read the Word and think for themselves.. hehz that was inline with what we were discussing this afternoon.