Monday, July 18, 2005

Life Just Can't Be Any Better


Attended the 3-days Project Timothy conference on "God's Sovereignty, Our Assurance" in the weekend. Long hours of lectures, long travelling each day, lots of coffee been consumed, bad sleep, and extremely tired but at the end of it, i felt heaven.

Life just can't be any better!
For once, after a long while, life is so satisfying. There is meaning in life after all. hahahaha...

The love of the Trinity is too overwhelming. Life is full. Though feel a lil dizzy and heaty right now.

2 speakers:
Peter O' Brien- Senior Research Fellow, Moore Theological College
Ray Galea- Rector of St. Alban's Church and MTS Trainer, Australia

The former is a foremost scholar in New Testament (whose guidance meant alot to me), while the latter is a excellent counsellor.

There were loads of questions being asked by participants, all of them are indeed sensitive, utmost important, and desperate questions concerning Christian faith. Well, i, too, took part in the questioning but the answers that i have got dont really seems like answers. Their are more like a reminder or something like an "awakening" suggestion for me to reaccess my approach to theology and philosophy.

Both my questions were handled by Peter O'Brien.

Q1: What is your comment on the new perspective on Paul that adhered by N.T Wright, E.P Sanders, and James Dunn in regards to Justification, Righteousness, and the issue of Faith v.s Works?

Q2: William Lane Craig of Biola University wrote in his article titled "Lest Anyone Should Fall: A Middle Knowledge Approach on Perseverance and Apostolic Warnings", that says "to maintain the warnings of Scripture are the means by which guarantees the perseverance of the elect is in fact to adopt a Molinist perspective. But Molinism does not imply the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints. What is your comment on this?

Peter's answers (these answers are those that he gave me when i approached him after the conference, not the one he said on the stage):

A1: There is a book on this by Prentiss Waters G, "Justification & the New Perspectives on Paul". (Basically he doesnt really agree with this new perspective but he acknowledge the contribution of recent findings of the 2nd temple judaism).

A2: I don't know much about Molinism; I am not a philosopher, i am just a Bible believing Christian.

The first answer simply guided me to seek for the thorough answer while the second answer humbled me to rethink and introspect on my methodology in my studies.
A prominent scholar said,"I am just a Bible believing Christian", compared to him, i am Bible illiterate!

When he was leaving to catch his flight to KL, i approached him to thanked him for his insight. He encouraged me to continue to study into that knowledge(philosophy). At that moment, i was into hero-worship.

It was a wonderful experience attending that meeting. BEsides getting new insights, i was convicted over and over again of my own ignorance and sinfulness. Without Christ, who am i? Without Christ, where am i?

Sola Christus.

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