Friday, July 08, 2005

Boh Liao Updates

SOme updates

Work: Rearrange the store room.

Young Adult Fellowship: Discussed on John 2; Jesus's miracle of turning water into wine, but ended up discussing traditions between the Roman Catholic and the Protestants.

Latest books:
1) Ben Witherington, Jesus Quest.
2) Michael Wilkins & J.P Moreland, Jesus Under Fire.
3) Steven Cowan & Stanley Gundry, 5 Views on Apologetics.

Michael Wilkins & J.P Moreland, Jesus Under Fire.

Not really reading:
1) William Lane Craig & J.P Moreland, Philosophical Foundation of Christian Worldview
2) Norman Geisler, Systematic Theology vol. 1
3) John Piper, Desiring God
4) Betrand Russell, Why i am not a Christian

Planning to buy:
1) John Frame, Apologetics for the glory of God (not really keen)
2) Alvin Plantinga, Warranted Christian Belief (very keen)
3) Alvin Plantinga, The Ontological Argument, from St. Anselm to Contemporary Philosophers (very keen)
4) D.A Carson, Gospel according to John
5) Norman Geisler, I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist (keen)
6) G.E Moore, Principia Ethica (keen)

Not planning to read:
1) Benedict Spinoza, Ethics
2) Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto
3) Gregory Boyd, Letters from a Skeptics
4) Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life 2 (if there is any)
5) John Piper other books
6) Charles Finney's books
7) A.W Tozer's books
8) Norman Geisler, Introduction to Philosophy
9) Norman Geisler, Christian Apologetics
10) Ravi Zacharias, The Problem of Evil (too deep, can't understand at all!)
11) Cornelius VanTil's books
*** subject to changes.

...get a life...



Anonymous said...

pls pls...get a life...and read the bible ;)

videte ne quis vos decipiat per philosophiam et inanem fallaciam secundum traditionem hominum secundum elementa mundi et non secundum Christum

go figure.

tehtarik said...

Get a wife...


MBS theology degree

...then a wife

whichever comes first :)

perr said...

How are you going to ever get a degree if you're going to get so many books.
Pray to God He will also provide you with a rich wife, man.

Ay, if you keep going on like this your biography will be very very thin.

Sze Zeng said...

if not, how do i

Dominum autem Christum sanctificate in cordibus vestris parati semper ad satisfactionem omni poscenti vos rationem de ea quae in vobis est spe

(not only to others) even to myself?

Tehtarik: i wanted too, but no money.... boh lui... moh qing... =)

perr: *sigh* if i m gonna get a degree, i need to get alot more... Pr. Joseph has more than 2000 books... total of around SGD 40,000. That earned him a master degree. So a degree would need, estimated, half of that.. that would be 1000 books, i am still farrrrrrrr from that amount. *sigh*

The Hedonese said...

Lemme propose some biblical studies to balance up the philosophical slant... :)

On top of carson, try NT Wright on "Who was Jesus?"

Or Stephen Westerholm on "Paul"...
Or RT France on "Matthew"...

Or Borg or Crossan.. heheh...

lately, 'Transforming Mission' by David Bosc has open up to me new horizons on the major missiological issues of our day

Just wat the doctor ordered for a healthy diet.. :D

Anonymous said...

"euge serve bone et fidelis"


the Sifu nver intro me those liberals, but intro to u instead..sigh...

Sze Zeng said...

Hedonese: do u really encourage "who was jesus" rather than "what did st.paul really said"? Cos i am looking towards the latter.

Borg and Crossan?? their popularity have been on every pages of Jesus Under Fire...seems to me doesnt really worth the investment. But anyway, will look out for them if have extra money and time left.


anonymous: Well, saved by grace through faith, right?

Anonymous said...

I'd like "Who was Jesus?" first so that an appreciation for Wright as a 'conservative scholar' is firmly in place... before exploring his other not-so-conservative works... but the latter is very exciting as Steven can testify. :)

Craig vs Crossan debate was interesting la.. but you'd get the idea that they are not talking to each other. Craig threw the gauntlet, Crossan wud not pick it up and talk stg else altogether. This is wat we get when a philosopher talks to a historian, i feel...

Wat i'd like to see is two biblical scholars meet head-on, as wat Wright has done with Borg recently.

In biblical studies, Wright is one of the foremost 'Jesus and Paul' scholar around and he views Borg and Crossan as most worthy opponents...

Btw I found Borgs' New Vision of Jesus and Crossans' Jesus: Revolutionary Biography in Pay Less Bookstore for RM 21 each! It's a steal.. heheh... (Amcorp Mall)

More on Jesus Seminar:

jacksons said...

May I recomend Sproul. Try listening first at