Friday, June 03, 2005

Destiny and Legacy

Have any person ever thought of their destiny related closely with their legacy (if any)?

Recently, i m contemplating on this issue, "Am i destined to pass on a legacy? If yes, what then is my legacy?"

It dawn to me that our legacies have very much to do with our passion. A millionaire wants his children to take care of his wealth, so he pass it on to him. To the millionaire, his passion is to have his wealth to be well taken care of. A Jedi would want his legacy of protecting the Republic to be pass on as much as the millionaire.

As for me, i want people who claimed themselves as Christians to know what exactly are they claiming. Be it this generation or the upcoming ones. To live as Christ lived is the very aim of all true Christians, but how many of us able to actualized this ideal?

(My readers should be a sinner, if not, there is nothing much for u on this post. Dont mean to be rude, but please do click on other post. Thank you.)

If none of us can, then, isn't the pursuit in this faith a futility? How would the non-believers view us? UNREASONABLE.

First, they charged us for being ignorant of reality. And now, by our failure in not living a life of testimony in the world, we are being charged not only ignorant of reality but, worst, stubborn in not wanting to quit the stupid belief.

May be we can't live up to the exact livelihood that we ought to, but isn't the least that we can do is to give a defense of our continual pursuit of our faith?

How can we give defense if we are not informed?

Christian leaders around the world are urging the Christians to engage the society. Can Christians really engage the society? Does Christianity make sense in politics, economy, biochemistry, medical-ethics, education, psychology and sociology of today?
If Christianity doesn't make sense in all these areas, how then can Christians engage the society?

Which generation of Christians will engage the society?

The adults? When should the adults be informed and trained in this area?

When they are old enough? How old should that be?

When we think that they are old enough...

Exposure to practical knowledge is absolutely scary because knowledge in today's world has certain degree of power. To religious folks, knowledge serve as a mighty tool for conversion to any kind of faith. Atheist can be convert to Christianity while Christian able to be convert to atheism based on knowledge. This is the scary part. When i told Pearlynn that i trembles on ideas and books, i wasn't merely trying to be kidding. It was the real intensity that i had when i was exposed to atheism, pantheism, deism, agnosticism, panentheism, polytheism, oneness theology, openess theology, neo-orthodoxy, Darwinism, process theology, supralapsarianism, infralapsarianism, sublapsarianism, arminianism, conventionalism, hyper-realism, postmodernism, pluralism, relativism, inclusivism and etc.

Though dangerous yet this risk is inevitable if one should engage the society as Christ has called His people to be the light and salt in the world. If I lost my faith due to the exposure of practical knowledge and solid food, then i deserved it. It is better for me to find true value and meaning in life than to live a life filled with blankness and uncertainty just because I feel good about it. TRUTH IS NOT WHAT MAKES US FEEL GOOD.

Definitely not Christianity. If Christianity doesn't make any sense, i would be the first to come out from it. For hell is not fire burning in the afterlife, but a life in darkness in this one.

Just like how Jacksaid paraphrased Socrates;

Socrates: An unexamined life is not worth living

Jacksaid: An unexamined faith is not worth believing

After all if Christianity is true for all, then it should be able to withstand scrutiny of any kind. If Christians hold their faith as truth, then we must have our reason to believe it as true, not a blind faith.

If it is just a blind faith, what is the difference between Christianity and other faiths?


tehtarik said...

I am with you, friend and brother.

Eternal truth should be invulnerable to the changing flux of history.

And not merely something that makes us feel good.

We must see Truth as a medicine that we are in dire need of to kill a deadly cancer, rather than an ice cream flavour that we prefer to have on a hot sunny day.

Should we be even unable to discern between the importance of knowing the Truth that we hold, we are only left with a pitiful outcome that Greg Koukl once described of-

"We are lucky enough to even have our faith saved, let alone preach to others about our faith".

And such discernment comes with the diligence of constant questioning and discussion.

It would be such a shame that a questioning mind should be discouraged by bureaucracy and even more so, by the fear of others who do not know better.

Anonymous said...

The unexamined faith is not worth believing...

This is not my innovation, but i heard it from one Steve Kumar ( apologist). I forgot nearly all that he said that day save for this phrase which constantly rings in my head. It is a strong reminder to me that I desperately need to find reason for my faith, though God himself needs not my intellectual defense. I, myself, being weak and full of sin, living among people who are weak and full of sin need to contemplate upon why the heck I choose this religion and not the others. This investigation (which at times involves self-introspections) will finally bring me up know the "love of Christ which SURPASSES knowledge".

We have allowed Christianity to be put on the dock for so long, and as a consequence, many felt embarrassed to proclaim their faith in "intellectual circles" as if Christianity is an unreasonable religion with dogmas that require one to paralyze his mind in order to accept. Christ may come to save fools, but the Christ who taught us these things was no fool! He is the Power of God and Wisdom of God! And mind you all, God is Omniscience, infinitely knowledgeable, infinitely wise, infinitely intelligent. Unless we think of God as a Master now bend on subserving the minds of his followers to the extent that they must blindly and foolishly serve him, we must come to see him as a Master who wants us to render our minds for his service; and if so, let not our minds be idle and useless, but polished so that we may not offer a blemished or substandard sacrifice.

As we engage the society today, let us not so often allow Christianity to be put on the dock. If our religion is now justified, if the religion of YAHWEH the one true God is now vindicated in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, then Gentiles MUST come to Zion to learn the Torah. Gentiles must hear that the God of heaven and earth is judging them, not vice versa. But alas, how can us confront the broken religion of marxism, or the despaired philosophies of materialism, or the hopeless dogmas of atheism, or the idiotic babbling of the so-called new age spirituality which outrightly worship Satan and all his unholy host? Do we call down fires from heaven? Or do we offer a new blueprint to be human as offered by Jesus in place of these vain philosophies? How can we offer it if we ourselves cannot find reason good enough to sustain this blueprint in our life. And thanks be to God for his grace kept us in Christ even though our idle minds were rebelling day and night against his doctrines. Let us NOW submit our minds also to God's service.

I always like to tell of this scenario of a fervent Christian who went all out to meet head on with the world to share Christ. He pulls out his wooden stick of John 3:16 and begin hitting at every head. Great is such zeal, and I believe we ought to have it( pray if you have not!). Now our evangelist demonstrates an unbelievable confidence in Christ and all of the Christian religion, giving that "I have found all the answer" image and the "My religion is the logic one and yours is so useless that it's not worth keeping" presentation. Alas, when the poor chap was "fooled" into this "logic religion", he was finally confronted with Trinity, Deity, predestination, homosexuality, politics, denominations or even (to quote Carson) the difficult doctrine of the love of God! And where is our evangelist, gone 500 miles, nay, 5000 miles away. Our poor chap may finally end up in the preying arms of the Jehovah Witness or some other cults who are out there to capture susceptible minds. Oh, not that we need a theological degree to evangelize, but let us bear Christ’s name with all honour and dignity, such which requires us to not tarnished his name in our lives by our laziness to seek and learn.

Let us exercise our minds in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ; with much fear and trembling no doubt, but exercise our minds none the less.

Jack~dizzy and a bit sleepy

Anonymous said...

I am also appalled by (like you have mentioned) some leaders pushing for "Christian engagement in the society". More often than not, it turned out to be planting FORMS of the Christian religion in offices and marketplaces without much consideration for the SUBSTANCE. And what is the result? A more loathing of Christianity by the unbelievers. People just hate a showoff (no matter the Christian intent it to be a show or not). We often hear comments like "there! surely these are a bunch of Christian kids" in school. We often hear comments like "he thinks he is holy" in the office when a Christian would not compromise. Yes, all this are great. But mind you a good buddhist will also have high integrity. We fail to demonstrate the "why Jesus" to the world but tried ever so hard to shove Jesus down their throats by our display of flags and badges which does not mean anything if not carefully and diligently presented.

And like discordant dude was telling me few nights ago, Faith now becomes a shroud for us to be shielded and be protected, be o-so-cozy hidden from active and REAL exercise of the mind (i.e "Just accept by faith lah" and for the record, this joshua and i were once told to "not use your minds", by a bona fide older Christian sister). Oh, if this is the state, sure enough, soon enough, FAITH will also loose its glorious meaning and the only shroud we possess may finally become a wet blanket for Christian engagement.

Help us God!

Jack~ still dizzy

The Hedonese said...

Amen, Amen...

A note though tat not all people thinks 'knowledge' is the key to faith in this postmodern age.

There are people I heard who say, "IF u argue and beat me, I'd believe"... heheh...

But many people also think, "all knowledge is culturally conditioned so... u'd never get the real picture lor"...

Koukl's advice seems sound:

"An ambassador is able to adapt to either the modern or the postmodern mindset. Since the approach is flexible by design, he can be effective regardless of what changes he is confronted with. This means intentionally contextualizing the truth of Christianity to the specific circumstances he faces.

The tactical element is critical to the effectiveness of this approach. Two different tactics have been effective even with postmoderns because of a couple of simple truths. First, fairness, gentleness, and respect are always in style, and they add persuasiveness to speech regardless of the message. Second, if Christianity is true, then every person who denies it must live in a contradiction. On one side is the pull of their postmodern convictions; on the other, the tenacious pull of reality."