Saturday, May 14, 2005


uuhhh..... sick~ don know whats the cause of it. I doubt its lack of sleep/ water/ food.... most probably lack of exercise... its been almost 2 years, din move any of my muscles... sien......

Just dont have time, if i were to concerntrate to develope my physical fitness, then i will not have enough resources and time to build my mind. SIENNNNNNNNNN.... Why cant we eat and have the pie at the same time?


perr said...

sorry if I passed you the flu. I didn't mean to. :(. Get well soon and take care. BTW. HOW WAS NATALIE'S BDAY PARTY xD

Sze Zeng said...

well, i don think u passed it to me la.. Anyway, it happened on friday night.. When i was typing my reply to some critics, suddenly, my throat felt weird. Its like ants bite in the throat.

Then on saturday and sunday, i already feel weak, been on panadol for the past two days.

Thank God for his grace that carry me through the 2 bs.

Natalie's b-day was nice. She grew fatter.. hahaha... very cute... her head looks bigger than it ought to. Look something like WInnie, the Pooh.

enn@j said...

How u?

U've been prayed for de =)