Saturday, May 14, 2005


uuhhh..... sick~ don know whats the cause of it. I doubt its lack of sleep/ water/ food.... most probably lack of exercise... its been almost 2 years, din move any of my muscles... sien......

Just dont have time, if i were to concerntrate to develope my physical fitness, then i will not have enough resources and time to build my mind. SIENNNNNNNNNN.... Why cant we eat and have the pie at the same time?

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Attended Integrity Media (Asia) 10th anniversary this morning at Paramount restaurant. Met Michael Coleman, the founder of Integrity. And the first sentence he said was about Doris Bougham, ORTV's founder.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

25 April 2005- 2 May 2005

On 25th, Monday, i (forgotten what has happened already)

So, on the next day, i worked until late night, looking for samples requisited by Phuay Koon. Later that night, i slept like no body's business.

On Wednesday, i stayed up kind of late in the office.

THURSDAY, i was asked to go out by Shirley. As excited as i could be, i anticipated the whole day for that "keep in touch" session with her. After the Young Adult Fellowship(C), i went to cineleisure to meet them up; Heidi was there too. Just that she got slimer and sexier recently. We went for a drink and headed to the "billard & pool room" at cineleisure. Our XXX2 starts at 11:45pm, so i get to do some catching up with Shirley. After the movie, I was fetched back and ended my day with the Lord's prayer on my bed. But the whole night, i didnt enjoy myself. First, was because one of Shirley's fren, Jeff, made fun of my faith and service in Christianity. Secondly, was disgusted by another fren of Shirley by the name of Benjamin, whose mouth has all the potential to replace the bowl in my toilet.
I have no problem dealing with honest and open-minded atheist, but this Jeff was just like the Japanese air force that bombed Pearl Harbour. He came fast to drop the bomb and then ran as quickly as he could to avoid any comments or criticism from me. This kind of attitude is nonsensical and irresponsible to any truth. He has demonstrated the classical ignorance of atheism. He is intellectually paralysed.
Now, let's talk about Benjamin the bowl. As long as he doesnt open his mouth, he looks like any good chap on the street. But when his upper and lower lips started to vertically move away from one another, I cant help but to think of all kind of detergents available in the store.

Friday was excited. Went for Stephanie's steamboat dinner at Marina Bay. After the dinner, me, dawn and louis went to boat quay for a drink. Was acting like a clown, just to make them laugh, but that louis seems to be kind of reluctant to give me the appreciation that i deserve... hahaha...*this is an example of self-conceit*

Anyway, though i went home smell like steamboat, but worth it.

From left-right: Wei Qi, Laura, Victoria, Dominic, Stephanie, Adin, Dawn and me Posted by Hello

The one on the left is Louis, who always complaint to the whole world that he is not good-looking. Always pretend to be modest and self-deceiving...hehehe.... Posted by Hello

Saturday was a day when i could indulge myself into something else, other than work. The Youth congregational care commitee had a meeting at 2pm. Then the choir practice at 4:30pm. Then went for dinner with the choir members at Plaza Singapura's food court. *grin* .Talked to laura about alot of stuff after dinner. Though mentally tired but worth it. It was challenging and i like it. It was thought provoking and mind intriguing.... hahahaha... fun....

Sunday was the Youth Sunday where the Youth congregation will be leading the service of the main congregation. Everything went out smoothly, as pleasing to God's good will. And after the whole thing, i had the joy that was last felt when i marched in the National Parade in 1998 (or 1999....Jacksaid, any idea?).

Monday was a very quiet day. I had Bible studies with Pearlynn at Macdonalds, the place where BS must not be held at... but we have no choice, the church was close. After that, i went to spent my private time, privately. Walked around the town and visited Kinokuniya to check out something. Went back home late.