Friday, April 15, 2005

2 Weeks liao

wow... i tried not to blog, but couldnt help it!! Apparently, handcuffs, ropes, wires, and chains are useless!! After two weeks of restrainment, i finally manage to blog again!!!! i miss bloggin so much... oooooh... don know else can i do except blogging!!

P/S: Mr. Blogger didnt pay me any cent to promote blogging, it was my sarcasm and "try-to-be-different" idea to spell things uniquely compare to "I havn't blog for some time" or "it's been a while since my last entry". Yea, both my sarcasm and "try-to-be-different" idea work together.

I have been re-reading my favouriteeeeeeeeee book... M.C, by C.S.L.

M.C what? C.S.. who?
...someone la... dont ask so much, i cannot use his pen name as to avoid copyright problem from the oxford and zondervan fella. Escpecially after he was famed up by his series of chronicles, some cosmic book, and one about miracles, and another about his grief over his wife, and another one on the pian of this world, and the other one filled with letters from devils.

Anyway, let's not get to know who this author is... i guess no body would have guess who that would be. ok, so, how's my life?

er..... good and bad... why? Coz still having the Hope to win lottery despite tithing 40% of my salary to 4D counter every month...

hahaha... no la, i dont buy lottery...

ok, why good and bad, then?

hmm.. actually, not good and bad la... i just simply typed. Truth is my life so far, so near... hahaha... only philosophers know what does this mean... a clue for the rest: the first principle of Logic.

yea, that's right. Life been contradicting recently. And was kindly reminded by Dawn when we went for dinner last tuesday.

For those who couldn't have guess, i would suggest you to not care anything about it. Take life easy, man... dont be like Geisler, a smart guy who provoked Jacksaid's jealousy... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... yes, this one is for you, my dear Jacksaid.

Anyway, lets go back to my self-contradicting life, or perhaps let us just go away from that topic, anyway. hahahahaha... see?? that's self-contradicting in the same sense and slightly at the same time.