Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Night Is So Young

Watched 2 and 1/3 of movies today.
Why 2 and 1/3 is because i managed to finish the first 2 but slept all the way through the 3rd movie...only manage to watched 1/3 of it..

The first one was ALIEN v.s PREDATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought i will be the last person on earth to watch it... why? Cos i dont like paul w.s anderson (the director). Was very disappointed with his previous Mortal Kombat, Soldier and Resident Evil...All these movies are rubbish!

Mortal Kombat was a BIG failure to me. It doesnt has enough special effects, not much of exciting fighting scene; overally: BAD SCRIPT

SOldier was a not-so-big failure but still FAILED. The cinematography is worse than The Lion King. There are same failures: Not-so-bad but still BAD script, too few special effects, unexcited fighting scenes (Jackie Chan's 80s productions are better than this), and THE SAME DIRECTOR!

Resident Evil was the most anticipating video-game-turned-movie for me, but when i finished watching it, i realized i have wasted (almost) 2 hours of my time, the electricity for the TV and player, attention to focus on other BETTER things to do, and my trillions of YAWN!

Actually when i first heard of AVP (Alien V.S Predator), my heart bounced twice in a second and my mind started to convince myself that the recent filmographic effects by Hollywood could really bring REALISM of Alien and Predator to the BIG SCREEN. And both Alien and Predator are my favourite movies that got me close half of my eyes when i watched them when i was still a kid. So when the news hit me that Hollywood was producing AVP, i couldnt really wait for it to be screen.
That was how excited i was until i found out the director, screen story writter and screen play writter is PAUL W.S ANDERSON.

"Why does the sun go on shinning?
Why does the sea rush to shore?
Dont they know it's the END OF THE WORLD?"

I said to myself, "Hollywood run out of talents".

Since i am soooooooooo disappointed with the director, why still i spent $14.90 on the ORIGINAL copy of AVP?

The Reason:
Thanks to the Courts furniture shop. Everytime i walked pass the Courts at White Sand complex, the big plasma TV at its entrance was showing the scene where Alien Versusing Predator. Everytime, for the pass 3 weeks, whenever i pass by the Courts, the surround system was speaking to me in a ghostly voice,"come~.... watch~.... nice movie~~.... movie of the year~~~~.... action-packed triller~~~.... adrenalin-rush guaranteed~~~..." So, on the fateful day of 9th MArch 2005, i walked into the near by movie shop and bought the AVP.

So, this morning, i woke up, brushed my teeth, took a bath and switched on the TV and placed the AVP disc into the player, sat down on the sofa and keep my eyes open.

Two hours later, i pretend there was nothing happened, went into my room and took out The Incredibles to be played on the player. But deep down, i have to praise PAUL W.S ANDERSON for this one.

Not a bad one and definitely not a failed one as well. Though there are some fallacies in the script but overall, not a bad watch. Finally~~ an applause to Mr.Anderson.

(By the way, neither Twentieth Fox nor the movie shop at White Sand Complex pay me to write this up.)

Wow! what a long entry this time, i havent even blog about the 3rd movie.

ok, the third one was a FOREIGN movie (jacksaid, stop guessing, NOT JAPANESE PORN ok). Actually i watched this same movie twice in the cinema last year. So, thought of having it as a collection, so i bought it on that same fateful day when i bought AVP. It is none other than the Passion of The Christ.


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perr said...

OEI! I love Resident Evil ok. Zombies freak me out, they are so wrong. I would like to kick the rotting butt off one some day. Maybe not. I hate zombies.