Saturday, March 19, 2005


YEAH!!!! Tired week!!!!!
Been busy marketing new products. Preparing marketing tools and executing some strategies. HaHAHaha..wat an interesting job that i've been blessed with.

Besides being stretch at work, was really in tense (mentally) with some entries on some other blogs. Was in a few doctrinal arguments with thinkers from my blood-land (Tanah tumpahnya darahku). All started by Jacksaid when he posted that SENSITIVE entry on his blog and affected a few other blogs to be in discussion of that topic.

So, in attempt to gain some peace in mind, i called Jacksaid. We spent the first 20 minutes on arguments, 15 minutes on discussion, and the last 10 minutes on agreement. Finally, we reached the same conclusion, that is; both of us are FOOLS.

Had dinner with Scott, Amos, Sweeling, Dawn and Clarence. After dinner, shopped for some souvenirs with Scott as he's heading back to US. Meeting him make me feel like Iraeneus when he was listening to Polycarp's tales about John. Reading books by prodigious authors and meeting their student was a good experience. It's silly cos i never really thought of 'knowing'( more like, hearing stories of) these apologetic giants.

Been dreaming of being under their discipleship in my academic pursuit. But in reality, i am inferior academically. Took 10 subjects in Secondary 4, but failed 8 of them. haihhh....somemore being addressed as one of the most troubled student in my class. My world was anything but academic.

"ει δε τις υμων λειπεται σοφιας αιτειτω παρα του διδοντος θεου πασιν απλως και μη ονειδιζοντος και δοθησεται αυτω"


fool said...

If but some you lacks wisdom ask from the giving God all openly and no reviling and will be given him. - James 1:5

fools indeed we are!

jacksons said...

hmmm - learning fools perhaps? And how do we decide when one is a fool? One must be wise, so that he can measure a fool - therefore I suspect that we can only identify 2 fools - 1. ourselves, since we can see our own foolishness within 2. Fools that God identifies in His word, since by His wisdom, He can evaluate. An example is like the man who was day dreaming about building more barns.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people who put more than 2 theological ideas in one sentence are deemed as 'very intellectual' in our context... but when we compare ourselves with some of these guys in US, the problem is that we dun think enuff