Friday, March 04, 2005

Daltonians Reunion 2005

The faces in "The Most Unwanted Student List" in the year 1999, BM High School.

The girls (from left-right): "the red-color shirt-insignificant", Sin Wei, Chin Chin, Siew Yenn, Sakemi, Ai Shan.

The guys (from left-right): Kelvin, Pak Kuan, Chee Seong, Soon Siang, me, Wen Jern.

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stevenstein said...

She Is Beautiful~ :)


joan-lynn said...

yikes! i know that chee seong! is he la? d last i talked to him, he was working somewhere still in alorsetar/s.petani dat area or so..right? haven't seen him for so long oredi..haha..

n i think soon siang looks better with longer hair..*sigh*