Friday, March 25, 2005

2 Helpless People

"Why should creatures have the burden of existence forced on them without their consent?" - C.S Lewis, Loki Bound

Cosmoslogically, teleologically, epistemologically, and morality has been clear in saying to me, "hey lame, I exist and as 'long' as I am here, you will have to know that I meant what I said".

I am in contradiction. And being in this is frustrated for every thinker. No thinker would like to contradict himself just as no straigth line to be crooked OR crooked line to be straight. You are either crooked or straight, you cant be both. And for those who say "you can draw a 'circular line' to prevent both consequences, go and draw that kind of line and be satisfied.

Last week, i have been trying all out to reach a successful denial. The furthest that i could get to is NO WHERE. There isnt a reason that i thought of that does not involved epistemology. The more i think, the heavier my head became. The moment i tried to reason, Madam Reason was there looking at me in pity. Why pity? Because it is really pitiable when someone is trying to use the causal means to disvalid its very own causality.

It was a horrible war. I was trying to think but whenever i think, my thought reflects that i am, in fact, thinking, thus i was resorted to not think in order to think. It was horrible. I gave in at last; I submited myself. There is NO WAY that i could think and betray thinking itself.

It is surprising if someone who claimed to be logical and yet deny the very Logic that his/her logic conforms to. But there are, i met a few of them. In fact, i was one of them.

I dont hope for another battle like that. I dont want to battle this same battle again. Not that i couldn't win, but that of i couldn't fight.

I am helpless.

There are a few tried to help, but they failed terribly like me.

"In the Trinity Term of 1929 I gave in, and admitted that God was God, and knelt and prayed: perhaps, that night, the most dejected and reluctant convert in all England." - C.S Lewis, Mere Christianity


Anonymous said...

A true sense of the glory of God is that which can never be obtainied by speculative [reasoning]; and if men convince themselves bhy argument that God is holy, that never will give a sense of his amiable [i.e., pleasing, admirable] and glorious holiness. If they argue that he is very merciful, that will not give a sense of his glorious grace and mercy. It must be a more immediate, sensible discovery that must give the mind a real sense of the excellence and the beauty of God

Jon Edwards in "Sermon on Mat 5:8" as quoted by John Piper in God's Passion For His Glory

The Hedonese said...

hedonese (9:52:16 PM): one guy try to wriggle out of it this way
hedonese (9:52:30 PM): he doubted everything tat can be doubted
hedonese (9:52:44 PM): maybe we're not IMing each other
hedonese (9:52:54 PM): maybe we're like those poor souls in Matrix
joe (9:53:03 PM): ya
joe (9:53:06 PM): who knows right
hedonese (9:53:06 PM): all is illusion
hedonese (9:53:21 PM): it is possible, surely
joe (9:53:25 PM): and there is someone that is smmiling at our actions!
joe (9:53:27 PM): man...
joe (9:53:28 PM): see
joe (9:53:29 PM): we;re complicating things
hedonese (9:53:43 PM): so this guy does exactly that... doubt all that can be doubted
hedonese (9:53:54 PM): it's nauseating
hedonese (9:54:00 PM): so he climbed into an oven
joe (9:54:02 PM): which criteria are you applying for this one?
hedonese (9:54:05 PM): and sat there
joe (9:54:16 PM): really?
joe (9:54:17 PM): and?
hedonese (9:54:22 PM): haahah... it's true
hedonese (9:54:35 PM): he stayed there for some time, legend has it
joe (9:54:43 PM): man
hedonese (9:54:46 PM): u cant trust your eyes
hedonese (9:54:59 PM): your thots, maybe some mad scientist is tricking us with drugs
hedonese (9:55:04 PM): we are dreaming
hedonese (9:55:12 PM): this whole thing we think is reality
joe (9:55:13 PM): hmm...
hedonese (9:55:15 PM): and then
joe (9:55:22 PM): thats too far fetched already-ler
hedonese (9:55:24 PM): he came up with something he can't doubt
hedonese (9:55:42 PM): heheh.... he can't doubt the fact that he doubt
joe (9:55:57 PM): back to square 1
hedonese (9:56:06 PM): to doubt doubt, you have to exist first
hedonese (9:56:30 PM): by doubting all things, he realise that he can't doubt doubt
hedonese (9:56:41 PM): so he came up with this famous ditty
hedonese (9:56:48 PM): "I think, therefore I am"
joe (9:56:58 PM): ohh...
joe (9:57:09 PM): is that how that phrase came about?
hedonese (9:57:09 PM): hhehe... yea, he realise that he must exist
hedonese (9:57:17 PM): in order to doubt
hedonese (9:57:24 PM): yup, the advertisement
hedonese (9:57:31 PM): 'i think' series
hedonese (9:58:38 PM): he try to come up with some bomb-proof truths
hedonese (9:58:54 PM): by doubting... realise he can't doubt that he doubs
joe (9:58:56 PM): when was this?
hedonese (9:59:01 PM): and conclude he exists
hedonese (9:59:26 PM): wow, must be 4 centuries ago
hedonese (9:59:43 PM): his name is Descartes
joe (10:01:11 PM): Descartes?
joe (10:01:18 PM): i think i heard about him before.
hedonese (10:01:19 PM): anyway, i dun think it's bomb-proof either hahaa
joe : man
joe : this ppl are deep
joe : i hope i don't end up like that

Perr said...

Left my lj link. Go horrify yourself if you'd like.