Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Back to Cafe

Those who fly, already flew away; those who drive, already drove away.

Last night, Valentine's day, i went to Secret Recipe, the one at the back of Pacific, to have a slice of New York cheese cake. It was 11pm++, there were people in pair everywhere. I wondered why cant they follow xiaxue's suggestion to stay at home and do something else on V-day. HahaHahaaha... but at the same time, i enjoyed looking at the joy that they have. It was bliss in everyone that night.

And there i was in Secret Recipe, with my cheese cake and a copy of Motor Trader. I was busy browsing through for the price for a Mazda RX-8. It costs RM (Ringgit Malaysia) 220K++ for one. hmmm... The retail price for one in Singapore is around SGP (Singapore Dollar) 130K++, and when converted to RM, it is slightly expensive than here. In that case, most probably i will get one over here.

HaHaHaHaa... still early to dream... but, hey, whats wrong with dreaming?

After finishing my cheese cake, i get into my car, turned on the engine and laid back on the driver's seat while enjoying the new CD i bought earlier.

Half way through, i was thirsty, so i got out from my car and head right away to "the cafe". Though been there for a few times, but still dont get the name of the "cafe", so will called it as "the cafe" in the mean time.

On the table where me and my frens always occupied, I ordered a glass of ice lemon tea, and just sit there glaring onto the main road. Thinking of nothing, i was enjoying that moment of memories flashing through like little waves hitting the shore and left. It was a peaceful moment despite the background noises and musics. No wonder there is a chinese proverb that says "When the heart is at peace, naturally the body will be in peace."

Slept at 5am++. Was watching Enter the Phoenix before that.


Jack The LOT{B}R said...

Your reminiscence reminds me a lot of the times when we were there with chew loh. Darn idiotic, but fun, pure fun.

Nostalgic, nostalgic~

Kathy said...

Wish i was still back home... i had pure fun wih u around. it was awesome meeting u again after 5 years? goodness gracious...

The Hedonese said...

hehehe... how i wish every lover on Valentine's day realise that personal relationships are meaningful only if Ultimate Reality is personal and communal....

joan-lynn said...

*speechless* am still shocked that u actually READ xia xue's blog.. =) but it's okay..one man's meat is another man's poison..